Laid Back Manor is the result of a vision that began 13 years ago. Adam and I (Kylie) came across the property in 2009 when searching for the perfect place to raise their young family. It was love at first sight. We saw the potential the site offered, with natural features hidden behind the overgrown landscape. First, we converted an old machinery shed into the property’s main dwelling, where we now live. Next, we built a cosy cabin for our son. After developing our skills and growing in confidence in property development, we bit the bullet and threw ourselves into creating the dream we had envisaged for over a decade. The cabin, built for our son, was converted into a gorgeous retreat for guests. We love sharing this stunning location with visitors and are overjoyed to be able to offer this newly renovated accommodation to travellers to the beautiful Huon Valley.

The owners, creators & hosts:

Meet Kylie (me).

I was born and mostly raised in Tasmania. I had three years living in Atherton, Queensland in my late teens. I am the mother of two, now grown children.

The highlights of my career to date vary from being a Crowd Controller (Bouncer), a Private Investigator, and a Tradie. Looking back, I have had an exciting career history, exploring who I am and what I love doing.

I always wanted to be a Police Officer but after being a single, teenage mother, I did not pursue this dream. When my first born was a few years old I was offered a role as a Bouncer, I accepted and loved it. I was then offered a position as a Private Investigator, operating covertly. This role was challenging and thrilling and also allowed me to dabble in factual investigations. I love asking questions, I have an enquiring mind so the factual investigations gave me a taste of what I might be built to do. Then I had another baby. Security and investigations ceased, and I became a stay-at-home mother. When this baby was six months old, I helped Adam at his painting job for a day. 15 years later, I retired from painting! I loved painting but my academic mind was frustrated. While painting and staring at a wall endlessly I was listening to podcasts, crime podcasts. I loved the intricacies of court cases, the stories of justice, the humanity. We sold a property which allowed me to retire from painting and enrol at uni.

So now I am studying criminology and loving it. It has allowed me to be at home each day. This has also allowed me to develop our long-term goal of sharing our property with the world. While studying, I have also developed ‘Laid Back Manor’ our business including accommodation, golf and events. To finally be able to share our property in a way that reflects who we are and what we love. I enjoy design and the finer things in life. Adam loves golf. Our two personalities are highlighted beautifully on our property with half being my passion and the other half being Adam’s.

Kylie is tall, smiling and has long grey hair. Kylie is leaning on a wire sculpture. These wire sculptures are also sold at Laid Back Manor. There is a natural bush backdrop and timber handrail in the background.

Meet Adam,

Adam was born in Tasmania but mostly raised in Victoria. Adam has been a well-rounded sportsman all his life. From cricket and football to golf and fishing. It seems he is made to play sport and easily excel.

Adam was taught to be a house painter by his father, this was not a skill Adam enjoyed knowing. But, after succeeding in the industry and eventually having his own business, it provided a successful career and flexible lifestyle. When Adam met me, (Kylie, see above), I made a great partner in life, and then in business (notice what I did there!). Adam and I worked together as painters for 15 years.

One of Adam’s favourite hobbies is mowing grass. The property now known as ‘Laid Back Manor’, has required a lot of maintenance and development over the time we have been here. It has had many uses over time from raspberry and potato farming to pigs, sheep, and goats. The land was undulating with rocks, holes, stumps and ruts everywhere. Adam is such a dedicated lawns-keeper that he mowed the property, in this condition, with a push mower, (not self-propelled) for 12 years. When we could finally afford to have the property levelled, we were also able to purchase, and finally use, a ride on lawn mower.

After raising two children and renovating five properties with me, Adam had the time and energy to develop a golf course on our property. It started by chipping a ball around randomly. After Adam was given a golf flag and cup as a joke, an idea was planted, and the resulting ‘pitch and putt’ emerged. The course is innovative and exciting. It stops traffic, both locals and tourists. It excites fellow golfers who see the potential of this new form of golf for both the new and retiring golfer.

Pitch and putt courses are more popular in Europe and America. It is a new way for new golfers to train and develop their skills. It is also a safe and friendly way for anyone to have a go at golf who may feel intimidated to be at a public golf course surrounded by confident golfers. Other benefits of ‘pitch and putt’ are that a round of golf can be completed in about an hour, and it is only a short walk-in comparison to a full-length golf course. This private ‘pitch and putt’ course is exclusively available to guests staying at Laid Back Manor.

Now Adam has a fantastic short game! He loves tending his property and is learning the skills to continue developing and maintaining the course. It is remarkable what can be achieved now with specific information on developing golf courses available on videos and podcasts etc. Adam had been able to distil an incredible amount of information and tailor it to his site and develop a golf course which is both unique and stunning.

Well done, Darling!