Our resident Platypus has lived alongside us for many years and is quite accustomed to being watched. It can be seen most nights coming out of its burrow to feed. In the photo above, it is having a good scratch.

There are a few tricks to spotting the Platypus, you need to watch where ripples are coming from and watch for newly clouded water. Cloudy and clear water show where the Platypus has been feeding.

At times, the Platypus appears to pose for a photo!

The platypus is a carnivore and feeds on worms, insect larvae, freshwater shrimp, and freshwater yabbies (crayfish) that it digs out of the riverbed with its snout or catches while swimming. It uses cheek-pouches to carry prey to the surface, where it is eaten. The platypus needs to eat about 20% of its own weight each day, which requires it to spend an average of 12 hours daily looking for food.


Other water creatures can be seen in the creek including trout, eels, and fresh water lobsters/crayfish.


Padymelon, locally known as a Wallaby, are abundant in our area. Most nights, dozens can be seen just on our property.

Freshwater Crayfish aka Lobster

This is a young freshwater Crayfish found at Laid Back Manor

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