While you are in Tasmania

Pelverata is conveniently located:

  • It is only a 15 minutes drive to Huonville
  • And a 15 minute drive to Kingston
  • And a 25 minute drive to Hobart
  • And a 40 minute drive to the Hobart Airport

The TOP 15 things to do in the Huon Valley

  1. Go on an amazing cruise on the Huon River Cruises
  2. Have a more adventurous view on the HUON JET | Tasmania | Australia | Get the ride of your life
  3. A day trip to Guide to Bruny Island – Discover Tasmania
  4. A spectacular outing in nature Tahune Adventures
  5. Explore and swim at Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs | Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania
  6. Hike to our own Pelverata Falls (
  7. Another close beautiful hike to Snug Falls (
  8. Visit a local museum and restaurant Home – Willie Smith’s Tasmanian Apple Cider (
  9. Taste and buy a Huon wine at Home – Heriots Point | Premium Tasmanian Pinot Noir from the Huon Valley
  10. Taste and but another Huon wine at Kate Hill Wines – Kate Hill Wines
  11. Find out about and trek up A tale of Sleeping Beauty – Our beloved Huon Belle – The Huon Valley Southern Tasmania (
  12. Have a day trip to Cygnet – Discover Tasmania
  13. Drop in for a meal to remember at The Kermandie Hotel
  14. The best coffee in town can be found at Ds coffee house cafe | Huonville TAS | Facebook
  15. A surprising restaurant and hidden treasure is THE BEST Thai Restaurants in Cygnet (Updated 2023) – Tripadvisor

TOP 3 destinations in Southern Tasmania

  1. Allow plenty of time to visit Mona – Museum of Old and New Art | Hobart, Tasmania
  2. Have a view of Hobart from above from Guide to Mount Wellington – Discover Tasmania
  3. Explore the historical significance of Port Arthur Historic Site

A map of the Huon Valley

This is a map of the Huon Valley with icons and information describing where a huge variety of tourist attractions are located in the Huon Valley. Laid Back Manor is included in enlarged, black, bold print with an arrow pointing to Pelverata.
A print version of this map is available at Laid Back Manor

Laid Back Manor was launched just after this campaign was completed.
Laid Back Manor will be included in the next print edition.

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